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A Special Place – Linthwaite House Windermere

Linthwaite House Hotel Windermere

It is not often that I write on this site in a personal capacity. Today is different. I want to highlight one particular hotel near Bowness-on-Windermere: The Linthwaite House Hotel. Last Saturday our family treated my wife and myself to my 70th birthday lunch at this splendid hotel on the hillside overlooking Windermere.

This was not our first visit. This is the second time in two years that we’ve held a family event here, and once again the hotel and its staff lived up to all expectations. The food, the service, the general environment, were all superb. What’s more, though I don’t think they can claim the credit for this, we even got a little sunshine while sitting around tables on the patio after our meal.

There was just one dark spot. And no, it was not their fault! Thinking that I was following one of the children I walked up the hill into the woodland. (The hotel is on around fourteen acres of hillside, much of it wooded). Having reached a spot above the tarn, and still not having found the youngster, I made my second mistake. In spite of repeatedly reminding other people of the advice of the late great Alfred Wainwright, “Watch where you’re putting your feet”, I forgot to do it myself. My left foot flew from under me and I landed heavily on my back across a rock, from which I’ll suffer the consequences for some time.

Why do I mention this? In order to compliment the young man on the Linthwaite House staff who met me in Reception after I’d stumbled back down the hill holding my back, clothes smeared with earth, greenery and blood from a cut hand. I was whisked into the spacious the gents’ room; the First Aid kit came out, I was helped to clean myself up and had my finger bandaged most efficiently. (Who would think a small finger cut could have generated so much blood?) I’m profoundly grateful.

I don’t suggest that you visit Linthwaite House in order to get that kind of treatment. I hope you won’t need it. But in yet another way this 4* luxury hotel demonstrated its excellence. Calm, efficient response to an unexpected emergency. Highly recommended!

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